Our mission

Our mission is to provide innovative products in order to improve the quality of life of individuals who have celiac disease. 

Quality assurance

Grani Amici provides social inclusion of individuals with food restrictions by manufacturing healthy, safe and tasty products. Our facilities are exclusively dedicated to gluten and dairy free production.

The Company follows high quality control , from suppliers selection to best in class final product delivery. Continuous employee development is also part of our philosophy. 

Our History


Grani Amici was founded in 2010 by a team of food engineers and nutricionists after many years of research and development of products.


 In 2013 it was a pleasure to join the World Youth Day supplying our minicakes to complete the special kit served for the pilgrims.


In 2015 Grani Amici moved to a new and bigger facility, we are proud to provide gluten-free bakery products for Brazilian and American retailers.


We understand the need for products that are healthy, tasty and safe and that’s why Grani Amici uses only certified allergy free ingredients. 


For product details or sales representative contact reach us at exports@graniamici.com.br